Top 15 amazing topics for your Nursing Administration research

Interesting Nursing Administration Research Topics & Ideas for Students

Nursing administration is one of the most interesting yet challenging subjects. Students encounter challenges while choosing the best topic for their research. If you too are searching for an interesting topic for your nursing administration research then you have landed the right place.  

The healthcare industry has become the line of defense amid the outbreak of COVID-19. It is an unexplored area that requires in-depth research and resources. Nurse administration is a leadership role in the healthcare sector. Most of the nursing administrators have a master’s degree in the field of nursing.  The demand for nurses is increasing day by day all over the world that’s why most of the students opt for nursing administration in colleges or universities. Being a nursing administration student, you have to deal with lots of assignments. It is one of the challenging subjects and it is difficult to conduct research on to improve clinical practice. Most of the students find it complex to choose nursing administration research topics due to limited time, lack of knowledge of the subject and many others. 

Don’t worry! We are here to reduce your hurdle. Keep reading this blog to get some interesting topics for your research. 

What is nursing administration?

The implementation of nursing policies and disciplines within a healthcare facility is known as nursing administration. It entails the strategic management of patients, healthcare facility and nursing staff. It helps improve the quality and performance of nursing practices within a healthcare organization. 

Who are nursing administrators?

They are members of the management team and employed in nursing homes, hospitals, public health offices, large clinics and rehabilitation centres. The primary duty of nurse administrators is to oversee the nursing staff. Nurse administrators’ day-to-day responsibilities vary on the place of employment. They can be nursing supervisors, nurse managers, vice president of nursing, chief nursing officers and directors of nursing. Nurse administrators may not be involved with the day-to-day care of patients but are occupied with various other tasks such as managing budgets, writing reports, overseeing nurses and ensuring to provide high-quality patient care. 

Nursing administration offers excellent career opportunities for students. If you are opting for nursing administration in your university then it is a great career choice because of plenty of career options and demand. You can go for the following career options after completing your nursing degree:

    • Nursing supervisor: The responsibilities of the nursing supervisor include establishing and maintaining the safety of staff and patients, budgeting, enforcing protocols, etc.  
  • Nursing instructor: The responsibilities of the nursing instructor or educator include giving lectures, developing lesson plans, etc.
  • Nurse manager: The responsibilities of a nurse manager include management of human and financial resources, maintaining a clean and safe environment, ensuring the satisfaction of both patients and staff, etc. 
  • Director of Nursing Administration: The responsibilities of the Director of Nursing Administration include oversight of nursing staff, developing plans for the department, enforcing healthcare policies, etc. 
  • Nursing Executive Secretary: The responsibilities of the Nursing Executive Secretary include scheduling appointments, preparing reports, filing, etc.
  • RN Assistant Director of Nursing: These nursing professionals’ responsibilities include managing individual staff members and planning duties for every nurse, Budgeting, overseeing facilities, etc. 
  • Chief nursing officer: They supervise activities related to nursing within a healthcare facility. The chief nursing officer advises the senior management team to create new patient services, best nursing practices, complete performance reviews, etc. 

Top 15 interesting and top-notch topics for nursing administration research 

Here is the list of the top 15 topics for your research assignment on nursing administration:

  1. Addressing climate change through a nursing lens
  2. Nursing retention barriers
  3. Trends of nursing administration
  4. Challenges on the way of nursing administration
  5. A nursing shortage- a prospect of global and local policies
  6. Barriers to safe nursing practice
  7. Discrimination in healthcare
  8. Grassroots to Global: The future of nursing leadership
  9. Gender bias in the profession of nursing
  10. The barrier to implementing telehealthcare
  11. Current policies in healthcare communication
  12. Effect of appropriate drug policy development
  13. Zero tolerance policy implementation
  14. Apology laws and medical decisions
  15. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence in the field of nursing


Nursing administration is not an easy subject that’s why we have provided a few interesting and high-scoring research topics for students. You can also seek assistance from qualified writers to complete your research paper. There is a plethora of Nursing Assignment Help services such as  Assignment Help who assist you with completing nursing administration assignments. We have a team of proficient writers who have expertise in the same field which enables them to write high-scoring solutions. 

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