Amazing benefits of reflective writing in the field of education

How reflective writing promotes quality learning

Education is one of the important aspects of our lives as it is the root of our future. It is also considered to be a way of life. The world of education is undergoing a major transformation and reflective writing has been becoming an integral part of classrooms. Reflective learning is making its place along with other traditional education learning systems. It helps students interact more with each other rather than communicating only with teachers and books. Reflective writing has been proven beneficial for students as it is a student-centred technique for engaging with education. With the help of this method, students can plan their studies efficiently and effectively which will help them in their future careers.

Most of the students are confused about what reflective writing is. Let’s clear up your confusion.

Reflective writing is a part of quality learning and is a unique form of writing that is used in critically analysing and examining an observation. In reflective writing, a writer describes the meaning and impact of an event by reflecting on it through his/her words. Basically, it is like travelling back to a past event and describing how it has impacted you and then pen down accordingly.

 Let’s dive deeper into understanding reflective writing.

What do you mean by reflective writing?

Reflective writing is a form of essay writing in which students have to critically analyse and evaluate their writing process. Here, the writer has to describe a real or imaginary event or incident or memory and add how it has personally reflected him. Basically, it is documenting your experience or opinion and how that particular experience has changed your thinking. Reflective writing is a technique of exploring your learning and an opportunity to gain self-knowledge.

While writing a reflective essay or assessment make sure to describe the following points:

  •         Purpose of the writing
  •         Define your writing’s credibility
  •         Your opinions about the writing
  •         Feelings that came across while writing the paper
  •         Your proficiency in reflective writing

  How to write reflective essays or assignments?

Reflective essays are completely different from standard ones. Here is some guidance to write a creative and impactful reflective essay. Writing a reflective essay is a bit challenging but it can become easier if you follow below tips:

  •         Stay focused on the outcomes of your learning
  •         Select an efficacious method to compose your essay
  •         Follow the standard structure of reflective writing
  •         Describe your feelings about an experience or event at the time of its occurrence
  •         Evaluate your experience
  •         Analyse the event
  •         Create a strong and compelling conclusion

 Example of reflective writing

Reflective writing consists of three core phases: reminiscing and explaining the experience, analysing and interpreting the experience and thinking about the effects or implications.

Ø  Reminiscing and explaining the experience

In this section, you have to recall the incident and start describing your experience.

 Example: In today’s class, we discussed what is team formation and how we can manage a team well including how to deal with free riders. Along with this, we have also learned that when a member of the team does not perform well then, the rest of the team should give him a chance rather than fail him.

Ø  Analysing and interpreting the experience

During the class, I remembered that I did have some issues with free riders in my past team experience. Recalling the incident, I realized that I had not informed the free rider that we felt he or she was not contributing their fair share of effort. It would have benefited both that individual and the rest of the team in this way. 

Ø  Thinking about the effects or implications

I must have done something different as I’m the group leader. I feel that it was my job to sort out the problem and let that escalate when the problem arises with free riders or conflicts within the team. The best solution for this situation is to assign tasks to each member or ask them which tasks they will take on. In this way, every member of the team will have to do something that contributes to the team.

 What is the impact of reflective learning on students?

Reflective writing is a crucial aspect of the growth of students as it helps them learn from their experiences or mistakes. Reflective learning is a good way for students to analyse their life and become better people in the future. Students are young and are still learning and exploring the world where reflective learning allows them to make decisions about their future. Reflective writing helps students think about their future without being rushed or pressured by others as it can lead them to choose the wrong path in life.

By using reflective learning in everyday life students have ample time to think about what they want in their life and how they can achieve their goals. Reflective learning is an effective tool for teachers as it helps them reflect on their teaching practices to examine the 

overall impact of their instructive approaches. It is an excellent way for teachers to improve their teaching methods.

 How reflective writing enhances quality writing

Reflective writing comes from personal experience as it is something that connects you emotionally. It is a better way of learning as it connects with your studies emotionally. Teachers can improve students’ ability to understand by providing them with opportunities for reflection. For example, teachers can ask students to summarize what they have discussed or what they have learned in class. It will help students enhance their ability to think critically and reflectively about their own experiences. In reflective learning, teachers must encourage students and let them understand that failure is an essential learning tool in their life.

Students get valuable learning experiences through failures and that allows them to learn from the mistakes which they have made or are likely to make in the future. Reflective writing helps students to better understand the concepts that improve their retention rate. Furthermore, it also helps students in understanding the concept or material more in-depth by themselves by taking some time out to write about the topic that they have studied in the class. Reflective writing allows students to express their ideas and thoughts through writing which helps in improving their communication and problem-solving skills.    

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Reflective writing plays an integral role in education as it can greatly enhance the quality of learning. It helps students to delve deeper into their emotions, thoughts and experiences regarding the topic they want to write about. Through this, students can identify the areas where they need improvement in their writing skills, strategies and developing plans. If a student uses reflective writing regularly, he/she can sharpen his/her writing skill and craft the finest quality papers that are meaningful and effective too.

Many students find it challenging to craft their reflective assignments that’s why there are many online assignment help service providers such as assignment who assist you with creating impressive reflective writing solutions. We have a pool of creative and experienced writers who are well-versed in producing HD-level solutions for your reflective essays and assignments.

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